School Breakfast Program

We are greatly appreciative of the invaluable assistance and support we get from Foodbank … and couldn't function without it. Indeed, there are plans afoot to expand our breakfast program in an effort to attend to the incredible need that exists within the school community.

Kununurra District High School

Our pallet of food arrived today and the students have had a wonderful afternoon unpacking all those boxes. It was wonderful to see their faces light up when they saw what was in each box – they especially liked finding the apples. I can't thank you enough for providing this service. The children really benefit from being able to start the day with a full stomach and for having something nutritious to eat at lunch when things are not going well at home.

Avonvale Education Support Centre

Food Sensations

I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did on the delivery of the Food Sensations workshop. The students from Room 23 were engaged in a wonderful learning experience they will always remember.

North Balga Primary School

Very informative, great hands-on activities. Great recipes that can children can make at home by themselves. Thank you so much.

Craigie Heights Primary School

Superhero Foods

The kids talk about them (SBP Placemats) every time they eat at the table. They ask questions about them and talk to each other about the messages on the placemats.

Placemats were very well received by students - they added a discussion point over breakfast.

The children were very excited and enjoyed looking at all the details ( and still enjoy them). The children ask for placemats if we forget to give them out. They enjoy the activities on the placemats.

Regional Strategy

Thanks again for coming to [our school] to run your nutrition program. It has generated a lot of enthusiasm among the students. Eleven students that I know of have reported back that they have tried at least one recipe from the Foodbank Cookbook at home, which is great as this means the message of healthy eating is reaching the broader community.


Feedback from staff and students who attended the sessions was outstandingly positive. Teachers and students were making comments such as "this was one of the best incursions that we've ever had", etc. Parents commented to me about the rave reviews that students gave them about the [Food Sensations] incursion. Our students are still talking about superhero and zombie foods and a lot of follow-up activities occurred in classrooms. I am extremely grateful that our students received the opportunity to participate in this extremely worthwhile and very enjoyable incursion.


Thank You for the fantastic Food Sensations sessions you ran in our school last week. All of the students really enjoyed the lessons and quite a few of the Primary students have made some of the recipes over the weekend. The activities and classes were age appropriate and I loved your organisation and presentation of the information - thank you and well done.