As part of its commitment to providing relevant and high quality services based on best practice methods, Foodbank WA regularly evaluates the programs of the Regional Strategy.

Regional Strategy Research & Evaluation

Fuel Your Future (Pilbara)

Foodbank WA’s Fuel Your Future (FYF) adolescent program was successfully delivered to disadvantaged adolescents in the Perth metropolitan area, under Australian Government funding from 2012. However funding ended in June  2015 leaving a gap in nutrition education services for adolescents across Western Australia. Foodbank WA sought funding from other sources to continue program delivery and in January 2016, funding from BHP Billiton was obtained to introduce FYF to the Pilbara region of WA as part of a 5 year strategy. This report details a comprehensive pilot project undertaken to develop a regional-appropriate version of the FYF adolescent program, to be implemented in regional and remote areas of the Pilbara region.

Fuel Your Future Pilbara Pilot Report  (PDF - 738kb)

Food Sensations® for Parents (Pilbara)

The development of Food Sensations for Parents included a literature review, formative research, developing lesson plans, engagement, pilot workshops and an internal and external evaluation. This report outlines the development process and the results of the pilot of Food Sensations for Parents workshops and indicates key recommendations for the implementation for this program in 2017.

Development of Food Sensations for Parents Pilot Report  (PDF - 1,500kb)

2014 East Pilbara ECU Evaluation Report

2014 East Pilbara ECU Evaluation Report  (PDF - 637kb)

East Pilbara TNS Evaluation Reports

In late 2010, Foodbank WA entered into a funding agreement with BHP Billiton Iron Ore to support the delivery of Foodbank WA's Healthy Food for All® initiatives to schools and communities in the East Pilbara region. TNS Social Research was commissioned by Foodbank WA in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the SBP and Food Sensations® programs against their set objectives and gain feedback to guide potential improvements.

Please click the following link to access the Evaluation of Foodbank WA's BHP Billiton Agreement in the Pilbara Region

2013 East Pilbara TNS Evaluation Report  (PDF - 413kb)
2014 East Pilbara TNS Evaluation Report  (PDF - 429kb)
2015 East Pilbara TNS Evaluation Report  (PDF - 560kb)
2016 Pilbara TNS Evaluation Report  (PDF - 1,750kb)

Regional Food Sensations® Evaluation Reports

The aim of this evaluation was to assess the relevance and quality of the program, as well as changes in nutrition knowledge, skills and attitudes. This report presents the results of the 2012 student, teacher, parent and educator training surveys.

Please click the following link to access the Regional Food Sensations® Reports

2011 Regional Food Sensations® Student Evaluation Report  (PDF - 151kb)
2011 Regional Food Sensations® Teacher Evaluation Report  (PDF - 440kb)
2012 Regional Food Sensations® Evaluation Report  (PDF - 3,257kb)