Fuel Your Future (Pilbara) is a food literacy and cooking skills program designed for youth living in regional and remote areas of the Pilbara region.

Fuel Your Future (Pilbara)

Fuel Your Future (Pilbara) is an adolescent focused food literacy and cooking skills program for youth aged 12-18 years. Fuel Your Future was originally developed for the WA Department of Health and has been adapted to be more regionally appropriate. Fuel Your Future helps youth to make good food choices and provide them with the skills and confidence to prepare delicious, healthy, nourishing food.

Foodbank WA's regional team travel to WA's Pilbara region to facilitate Fuel Your Future workshops. Youth centres and schools in selected Pilbara towns and communities are able to register for the FREE program from Foodbank WA's regional team, funded by BHP Billiton.

Fuel Your Future involves a series of 4 face-to-face workshops, facilitated by a qualified nurtritionist in a youth friendly venue. Each workshop is designed to maximise youth engagement and participation through fun, hands-on activities including:

  • Australian Guide to Healthy Eating
  • Knife safety
  • Food safety
  • Hand hygiene
  • Fat, Sugar & Salt investigation
  • Food label reading
  • Food preparation and cooking

Youth participants are guided through recipes step-by-step to build confidence and enhance skill development. All ingredients and recipes are provided by Foodbank WA using locally available ingredients.

For more information about Fuel Your Future (Pilbara), please contact Julia Platts on (08) 9463 3218 or email julia.platts@foodbankwa.org.au.