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5 Aug 2011

SBP Toolkit

The School Breakfast Program Toolkit has been developed to provide prospective and existing School Breakfast Program schools with information, resources and tips for the successful implementation and maintenance of the Program. The Toolkit contains the following sections:

  • 'Introduction': provides background information on Foodbank WA and the School Breakfast Program. This section also briefly outlines existing research on why children and adolescents skip breakfast, the benefits of consuming a regular breakfast and results from the 2010 School Breakfast Program survey.

  • 'Getting Started': walks prospective schools through two important questions – 'does my school need a School Breakfast Program?' and 'how do we go about implementing one?' This section provides information and tips on identifying the need for the SBP, obtaining support for the program, suggestions about the resources that may be required, and a description of the free breakfast products supplied through the School Breakfast Program

  • 'Accessing Foodbank WA': outlines the School Breakfast Program registration process and how to access the free breakfast products from Foodbank WA.

  • 'Your School Breakfast Program': provides general guidance, suggestions and tips around the actual delivery of the program in your school, with suggested preparation tasks grouped by approximate timeframe.

  • 'Case Studies': There is no one correct way to run the School Breakfast Program. Schools need to run the program according to the unique needs of the school community, in order for the program to produce successful outcomes. To illustrate this point, this section outlines the experience of existing schools and the way in which their Program has developed and grown to produce the desired outcomes.

  • 'Food safety and nutrition for School Breakfast Programs': outlines general information around food safety and the importance of safe food handling.

  • 'Recipes': contains several recipes that are suitable for use in a breakfast program setting.

  • 'Linking physical activity with School Breakfast Programs': highlights the importance of physical activity, as well as good nutrition, to growing children.

The School Breakfast Program Toolkit is intended as a 'living document'. Upon registration, every school is supplied with a copy of the SBP Toolkit in A4 'ring binder' form, a design which allows for the future addition of information, such as new resources or updates to existing information, as updates become available over time. As well as providing further information about the topics covered in the Toolkit, the Appendices section is a building block which provides an area for schools to add relevant forms and information in an organised, central location.

Foodbank WA hope that this resource will furter support School Breakfast Program schools to acehive positive outcomes. Please click here to access the SBP Toolkit in PDF form.