As part of its commitment to providing relevant and high quality services based on best practice methods, Foodbank WA regularly evaluates the Food Sensations® initiative.

Food Sensations® Research & Evaluation

Food Sensations® uses interactive nutrition activities and cooking workshops to teach students, teachers and the community about healthy eating. The evaluation collected is from students, teachers and participants in our professional development days.

Food Sensations® in Schools

Currently Food Sensations® workshops in schools are evaluated by pre and post surveys completed by the students. This will help us to assess increases in knowledge and intentions for behaviour change by students. It will also allow us to make improvements and changes to the initiativein future years. Up until the end of 2011 only post evaluation was conducted. See below for the links to the 2010 and 2011 primary and high school reports.

2010 Primary School Report  (PDF - 151kb)
2010 High School Report  (PDF - 151kb)
2011 Primary School Report  (PDF - 294kb)
2011 High School Report  (PDF - 286kb)

Food Sensations® Teacher Feedback

After each school session we also survey the classroom teacher. The 2011 survey was a short nine question survey which asked the teacher to provide feedback about the Food Sensations® session. Please click the following links to access the Food Sensations® Teacher Reports.

2010 Teacher Report  (PDF - 151kb)
2011 Teacher Report  (PDF - 442kb)

Food Sensations® Educator Training Days

Educator Training Days (Professional Development) are offered at Foodbank WA once per month. Participants are assessed on knowledge and intention to change behaviour after the session. The session is a one day workshop which offers a variety of interactive activities based on the WA Department of Health's FOODcents® program.

Please click the following links to access the Food Sensations® Education Training Day Reports.

2010 Educator Training Day Report  (PDF - 151kb)
2011 Educator Training Day Report  (PDF - 233kb)

Food Sensations® Case Study Research

Foodbank WA commissioned an independent research agency (TNS) during 2010 to assist us in the understanding how well Food Sensations® was working in terms of providing positive outcomes for children, teachers, parents and the school community. To achieve this, TNS used a Case Study approach as well as a questionnaire. The Food Sensations® component was published as a separate, additional report.

Please click the following link to access the TNS Food Sensations® Case Study Report.

2010 Food Sensations Research Report - TNS Social Research  (PDF - 151kb)

Food Sensations® Adult Food Literacy

The Food Sensations® Adult Food Literacy and Skill Development: Community and Intensive Program aims to increase the prevalence of healthy eating behaviors in adults and parents living in low socioeconomic circumstances. It is based on the WA Department of Healths FOODcents® program and focus on providing skills to choose and prepare healthy foods through practical interactive workshops which may be delivered over a period of 1-6 sessions. Participants are assessed on nutrition knowledge and intention to change behaviour at the start of the program and on completion of the session/s throughout the program.

Please click the following link to access the Food Sensations® Adult Food Literacy (Community & Intensive) Program Report.

2011-12 Adult Food Literacy Report  (PDF - 825kb)

2012 Metropolitan Food Sensations® Report

The 2012 Metropolitan Food Sensations® Report presents feedback from student sessions (pre and post), classroom teachers (post), parent sessions (post) and Educator Traning sessions. Please click the following link to access the 2012 report.

Metropolitan Food Sensations® - 2012 Evaluation Report  (PDF - 4,139kb)

Food Sensations® for Adults

Food Sensations® for Adults is a FREE nutrition and cooking program designed to provide low to middle income adults with an understanding of healthy eating, as well as improve food literacy by increasing skills in how to purchase and prepare healthy foods. All sessions are hands on, fun and provide a safe environment to try new recipes and skills. Based on Program feedback, the below link details the 2017 Impacts of Food Sensations for Adults. 

2017 Impacts: Food Sensations for Adults  (PDF - 706kb)